Learning Languages Effectively

With this course you will create an effective foreign language learning system. You will learn how to set language goals and build a system of learning and habits, how to learn vocabulary effectively, how to develop listening and speaking skills and pronunciation.

Learning Languages Effectively







Course in English

You have been learning a language for years and you still do not know it?

This course is for you, if you want to improve their your learning skills. After many years of learning, you still can’t speak, they you are blocked and don’t know why. 

I will show you the most common reason for ineffective learning and give ideas on how to make do it better.

Language educational system is wrong

It focuses on grammar and requires accuracy; it doesn’t teach you speaking and pronunciation. This is demotivating, creates stress and kills motivation. I try to change this attitude toward learning languages. 

This course gives you a lot of academic knowledge about learning processes, a lot of ideas about how to learn in a pleasant and effective way and how to develop your language skills effectively.

Here is the complete list of the lessons:

Module 1


Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: For whom is the course

Lesson 3: Course content

Lesson 4: How to study

Lesson 5: Your instructor

Module 2


Lesson 1: Common mistakes in learning English

Lesson 2: What to do to learn effectively

Module 3


Lesson 1: Setting a language goal

Lesson 2: Making a learning plan

Module 4


Lesson 1: Keeping motivated

Lesson 2: Building habits

Module 5


Lesson 1: Regularity is a key to success

Lesson 2: What to read

Lesson 3: What to listen

Lesson 4: What to watch

Lesson 5: What to write

Lesson 6: How to speak

Lesson 7: Helpful apps

Lesson 8: Summary

Module 6


Lesson 1: Multiple intelligences

Lesson 2: Learning styles

Lesson 3: Learning styles part 2

Lesson 4: Finding your best method

Module 7


Lesson 1: What is immersion

Lesson 2: Immersion in your home country

Lesson 3: Using a phone

Lesson 4: Social media

Lesson 5: Other ways for immersion

Lesson 6: Summary

Module 8


Lesson 1: How our brain learns

Lesson 2: How we remember

Lesson 3: Passive vs active learning

Lesson 4: Ways for active learning

Lesson 5: Summary

Module 9


Lesson 1: Needed vocabulary range

Lesson 2: Vocabulary extending methods

Lesson 3: Spaced repetition method

Lesson 4: Remembering Process

Lesson 5: Information overload

Lesson 6: Helpful applications eg. Fiszkoteka

Lesson 7: Word up application

Lesson 8: Learning in context

Lesson 9: Summary

Module 10


Lesson 1: Listening comprehension

Lesson 2: Listening sources part 1

Lesson 3: Listening sources part 2

Lesson 4: Listening sources part 3

Lesson 5: Summary

Module 11


Lesson 1: Phonetic system

Lesson 2: English sounds

Lesson 3: Word accents

Lesson 4: Pronunciation checking tools

Lesson 5: Pronunciation YouTube channels

Lesson 6: Summary

Module 12


Lesson 1: Speaking practice

Lesson 2: Language islands method

Lesson 3: Don't translate

Lesson 4: Don't be afraid of mistakes

Lesson 5: Summary

Module 13


Lesson 1: How to learn grammar

Lesson 2: Grammar differences

Lesson 3: Functional approach to grammar

Module 14


Lesson 1: What's next

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Get to know your instructor:
Katarzyna Szyper

I've been an English teacher for over 20 years and an experienced methodologist.

I received knowledge about modern and effective learning at post-graduate Neurododactic Studies at Claremont University, California

For many years I’ve been helping my students learn English effectively and develop their linguistic skills.

Katarzyna Szyper

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Module 8: Effective Learning, Lesson 3: Passive vs Active Learning

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Module 12: Speaking Fluency, Lesson 1: Speaking Practice

For whom is this course:

You will love this course if some of the following applies to you:

✔ You love traveling and want to better communicate with people
✔ If you feel insecure or have an internal block to speak a foreign language
✔ You are a beginner who wants to accelerate the learning of a foreign language
✔ If you work in a multilingual environment and want to improve your communication skills
✔ You are a parent and want to support your child's language education
✔ You want to increase your earnings

For whom the course is not a good idea:

Course is not for you if any of the following applies to you:

✔ You are not interested in improving your language skills
✔ If you do not have enough time or motivation to regularly attend a course and fully utilize its potential
✔ If you have no difficulty expressing your feelings, expectations and needs freely
✔ You do not want to learn a new language or improve your current skills
✔ If you are completely satisfied with your earnings

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Can I request a refund if I'm not satisfied?
Yes, you have 30 days to check if the course is a perfect fit for you. If you feel that you're not learning anything new, you can reach out to us, and we will refund the cost of access to you.
Will I receive a VAT invoice?
Sure. Please provide your invoice details at the checkout, and we will take care of the rest. You will receive a VAT invoice.
How can I start learning after purchase?
You will receive an email from us with detailed instructions. However, the process is very simple. You log in to our platform using the credentials provided in the email, browse through all the available materials in the library, choose your desired content, and start learning.
Can I buy the course in installments?
Yes, you can buy access in installments using PayU! Just select this payment option and follow the steps.
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